Pull up (hyperextension toes)

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A Pull up keeps the toes of the back feet from dragging on the ground .

Dragging the hind legs is quite common in dogs that have a herniated disc, in dogs with osteoarthritis. The cause of this dragging is usually a nerve that (temporarily) partially or completely fails.

The result of this dragging is that the top of the nails, toes wear off, causing wounds. These wounds can become inflamed over time. So it is very important to follow this up properly or have it followed up by the vet.

Material : neoprene, velcro, elastic

Extra: There is also a possibility to attach a shoe to the Pull up aid. Especially for larger breeds, this can prevent wounds from developing between the toes. Select the right size on the page of the shoes . And select it in your shopping cart, then we will prepare it for you.

Measurement : measure or weight with a tape measure just above the heel

For the small breeds:

  • XXS: 5 to 7 cm
  • XS: 7 to 9 cm
  • S: 9 to 11.5 cm

For large breeds, you must provide the weight of your dog:

  • 20 to 40kg -> M

  • about 40kg -> L

Pull up (hyperextension toes)

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