SOFT stifle dog brace

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This SOFT stifle dog brace is used for your dog's knee problems such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism and/or mild instability of the knee. The elastic material provides extra support to the hind leg. This increases comfort during support.

For the SOFT knee dog brace we always work with left and right (bilateral), because studies have shown that this gives the best symmetrical gait pattern for your dog. Studies have also shown that dogs that develop a knee problem on one side also develop it on the other side over time.

Material : outside neoprene inside padding, reinforced with ribs, closures consist of Velcro

Measurement : You can measure the SOFT knee brace yourself with a tape measure

Mate Circumference 1 (groin) Circumference 2 (above heel) Length (groin to heel) Back (groin to groin)
XX small 10-17cm 4 - 8 cm 9.5cm 18-30 cm
X small 14-19cm 4 -10cm 12 cm 18-30 cm
Small 16 - 26 cm 6 - 11 cm 16.5cm 18-30 cm
Medium 21-30 cm 9-15cm 20.5 cm 22-31cm
Large 22-32cm 10-16cm 28 cm 29-52cm
X-large 29-40 cm 13-18cm 30 cm 29-52cm
XX large 40-53cm 15-24cm 32 cm 42-56cm

If you are in doubt between two sizes, take the size that best fits the distance between the groin and the heel.

Maintenance: All SOFT braces can be washed in a (wool) washing programme. Make sure you close the Velcro and use a laundry bag. After outdoor use, it is best to remove sand by rinsing under running water. Or let the brace dry and remove the dry sand.

Putting on a knee brace:

SOFT stifle dog brace

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