SOFT wrist dog brace

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A SOFT wrist dog brace is used for osteoarthritis, rheumatism and/or mild instability of the wrist. The wrist brace provides extra support and gives your (older) dog more comfort during steps, walks ...

Material : Outside neoprene inside padding, closures consist of Velcro

Measurement : Measurement for the SOFT confection brace is easy to do yourself by measuring the wrist joint with a tape measure.

Mate Circumference
Large 18 to 22 cm
Medium 14 to 18 cm
Small 10 to 14 cm
X small 6 to 10 cm

Brace maintenance: All SOFT braces can be washed in a (wool) washing programme. Make sure you close the Velcro and use a laundry bag. After outdoor use, it is best to remove sand by rinsing under running water. Or let the brace dry and remove the dry sand.

SOFT wrist dog brace

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