Orthopedic pillow

Orthopedic pillow

Fiocco the dog spent seven years in an Italian shelter. A hard concrete floor was his sleeping place. This hard life left its marks, arthrosis, spondylosis, deformities, injuries...

Every dog deserves respectful treatment, a good sleeping place is part of it. Thus was born this project, a mattress for Fiocco and for all Fiocco's in the world.

A Belgian mattress foam manufacturer makes these dog beds. These were developed especially for Fiocco's bed so that Fiocco can also lie comfortably despite his osteoarthritis.

This is the ideal dog bed or orthopedic pillow for your older dog, your dog who is recovering from a (physical) trauma, your dog who is recovering from surgery, your dog with osteoarthritis... But actually this dog pillow is a must-have for every dog owner .

Built as standard from:

  • Ten centimeters of polyether foam mattress

  • Mattress is protected with tricot

  • Washable faux leather cover with zipper

Standard dimensions:

  • 80x50x10

  • 100x80x10

  • 120x90x10

Available fitted sheets:

  • fleece

  • Faux Fur (Teddy)

  • Cotton

Extra fitted sheets and pads are also available for dogs with incontinence. These ensure that your dog is dry for longer.

Advantages compared to other dogs mattresses, dog beds, dog nests, orthopedic cushions for dogs:

  • Because of this mattress, the dog does not lie on the floor, not even with its heaviest part

  • Material remains dog-proof for a longer period of time

  • Everything washable (faux leather) and washable (customized cover)

  • Also suitable for incontinence of your dog


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Orthopedic pillow

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