Pull up (toe)

Pull up (toe)

A pull up help keeps the toes of the hind legs from dragging on the ground. This brace helps to prevent hyper flexion of the phalanges. 

Dragging the hind legs is quite common in dogs that have a hernia, in dogs with osteoarthritis. The cause of this dragging is usually a nerve that partially or completely fails.

The result of this dragging is that the top of the nails, toes will wear off, causing wounds. These wounds can become inflamed over time. So it is very important to follow this closely or to have it monitored by the vet.

With the pull up, we will help the dog to actively raise its hind toes again. There is an attachment above the ankle, and there will be an elastic stretch that attaches between the two middle toes of the dog. By attaching this (adjustable) elastic under the two middle toes, the toes are actively pulled up again while walking.

This aid gives the dogs a more active gait pattern and prevents wounds on the top of the paws.

There is also an option to attach a shoe to the pull up . Especially for larger breeds, this can prevent wounds from developing between the toes.

For both large and smaller breeds we have the pull up help in stock. These can always be ordered individually.


Pull up (toe)
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