How is the payment made?

If the aid can be taken during the appointment, the payment will be made at that time, this can be done with Bancontact.

If it is a tool that has to be manufactured, a quotation is drawn up. As soon as you agree with this quote, an invoice will be sent for half of the amount. As soon as this invoice has been paid, the aid goes into production and/or the parts are ordered.

The final settlement is then made when the medical aid is delivered, this can be done with Bancontact.

How long does it take before we can schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment via the website within a week.

Do you have an emergency? Be sure to contact me on +32 494 177 668. If you leave a message/voicemail, I will call you back as soon as possible.

How long does it take for a resource to be ready?

Depends on the type of tool:

  • For confection, it can be measured, fitted and purchased during the first appointment
  • Rent Wheelchair: if there is a correct model in stock, it can be measured, fitted and rented during the first appointment.
  • Customized wheelchairs: delivery of parts takes about 4 to 5 weeks, after that an appointment is scheduled
  • Tailor-made brace: first pass after one week, delivery after two weeks

If this schedule deviates (due to holidays, delivery of parts) this will be communicated during the first consultation.

What if you can no longer transport your dog?

A rental wheelchair can be measured by you, view the page of the rental wheelchairs.

A ready-made SOFT brace can also be measured by you using a tape measure.

The custom braces and wheelchairs cannot be measured by yourself, so please contact us on +32 494 177 668.

Can I order a second aid?

For prefab aids we have the sizes of your dog in our system, so you can easily order these by sending an email.

For custom tools, we always first make a plaster cast, this plaster cast is corrected and we keep these corrected plaster for one year. So if you order a second aid within the year, no new measurements need to be made. And you can just request a second one by mail.

We have measured the sizes for wheelchairs and we keep them in our system, so you can easily order an extra dog wheelchair by sending an email.


Pull up (toe)
SOFT brace
Dog shoes
Orthopedic pillow

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