PawZ Rubber Dog Boots

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots

If you see that your dog has difficulty with a (too) slippery surface, or due to surgery or age, there is less stability, then these can help to prevent sliding.

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots are made of natural rubber. The natural rubber is resistant to liquids. They are reusable and come in a pack of 12.

Because the sole consists of natural rubber, your dog still has a good feeling with the surface.

Velcro and/or zippers are not used with these PawZ Rubber Dog Boots, which makes putting on and taking off smoothly. This does not restrict the movement of your dog's sole and/or paw.

If you want to wear these PawZ Rubber Dog Boots with a bandage under/on the legs, then definitely take one size larger.

Available in 7 different sizes, from TINY to XL, the size chart can be found here. From Chiwauwau small to great Great Dane.


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