Frequently asked questions about rubber shoes or booties

Frequently asked questions about rubber shoes or booties

How long can my dog wear the Pawz?

In the beginning, you test whether your dog can tolerate the rubber pawz well. So after half an hour, take a look at what happened in the sock. For example, if there is excessive sweating, let your dog get used to the rubber socks a little more.

The rubber pawz are made of breathable natural rubber, so this sweating disappears over time. But sometimes your dog has to get used to this.

If your dog is used to the rubber pawz, you can leave them on for a longer period of time. If dogs do not lie all day, you can even keep them all day. If your dog does lie a lot, it is better that you take them off every now and then to optimize blood flow.

How do I put on RUBBER shoes/socks?

Putting on RUBBER socks is done in three steps:

Use two fingers to open the bone

Grab the leg and put it in the RUBBER bone

Put on the RUBBER bone like a sock, make sure the toes are not pinched

We also made a video together with Toetsie

Why wear rubber shoes?


  • With (too) slippery floors, if your dog extends this can give more grip

  • In rehabilitation to extend less

  • No more scratching from nails on soft floors

  • In case of a wound you can protect the sole of the foot inside


  • Dirty paws stay outside

  • In snow, the snow will not stick together between the foot pads

  • If the road is sprinkled with salt, the salt will not get on the sole of the foot but will be protected

  • In case of a wound on the sole of the foot, you can protect the sole of the foot with these rubber bones


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