Frequently asked questions about the help’m up

Frequently asked questions about the help’m up

How long can the help'm-up aid be worn?

The STAND-UP aid may be worn for several hours in a row. However, we recommend (especially in the beginning) that you check the sensitive places for pressure on your dog such as: between the front legs, under the belly and between the hind legs.

Over time, the harness can be worn all day.

What if my dog loses a lot of weight or gains weight?

The harness is adjustable and can be made to fit again. If you experience any difficulties, please contact me and we'll make an appointment to set everything right again.

Can the harness be washed?

Washing the harness is certainly allowed, but close all closures correctly before you put the harness in the washing machine. Preferably on a wool wash program or another program with a low speed.

What parts does an help’em up harness contain?

1. An ordinary metal ring to possibly leash the dog

2. A handle at the shoulders and a handle at the hips

3. Neoprene padding for extra comfort

4. Buckle closures for quick on and off

5. Buckle to release hip part, this allows the chest part to be used separately

6. All tires are adjustable in size

How do I put on the help’em up harness?

How to apply and easily adjust the Help ‘Em Up Harness to fit your dog:


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