Frequently asked questions about the SOFT hock brace

Frequently asked questions about the SOFT hock brace

How is the measurement done?

The measurement for the ready-to-wear hock brace is easy to do yourself with a tape measure. Of course you can always come to Geel to take measurements and possibly try on and try on.

We have a standard range available at pro4paws but for exceptional sizes we can also make a custom SOFT brace.

If you pass on the correct sizes to, we can see whether we can provide a standard or a customization.

When do I let my dog wear the SOFT hock brace?

How do I maintain my dog's SOFT brace?

The hock soft braces are made of neoprene, are elastically trimmed and can be reinforced or not. The closures are made of Velcro.

All SOFT braces can be washed in a (wool) washing program. Make sure you close the Velcro properly. And put everything in a laundry bag.

After use outside, it is best to remove sand, this can be done by rinsing under running water. Or let the heel brace dry and then remove the dry sand.


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