Frequently asked questions rear wheel cart

Frequently asked questions rear wheel cart

How do I maintain my dog's dog wheelchair?

With lots of water.

Your dog can go anywhere with the wheelchair, by... in short, enjoy the real dog life. All you have to do is after a walk through mud, in the woods, on the beach... hose down the wheelchair with plenty of water. So just like with your off-road bike, the garden hose to rinse off all the dirt well.

Never use lubricants because they cause dirt, sand to stick and then the sand (especially sand from the beach) will cause faster wear.

Can my dog lie in the wheelchair?

Lying down with a rear wheelchair is not possible. If your dog gets tired and wants to lie back, you will have to take your dog out of the wheelchair.

Can my dog relieve itself in a rear wheelchair?

The saddles of the rear carts are constructed in such a way that both males and females urinate and defecation is possible. Because there is sufficient space at the front and back, the saddle of the cart should also remain clean (although this is not possible with all dogs). Most dogs learn, after some practice, to relieve themselves in the wheelchair.

Some dogs (less than 10%) do not learn this, or do not want to do this in the cart. Then you will have to help them by letting the cart out for a while so that they can relieve themselves beforehand.

How do I teach my dog to walk with a rear wheel wheelchair?

Learning how to use a REAR wheel wheelchair is not that difficult, depending on the clinical picture.

Especially dogs that have paralysis of both hind legs can get used to their 'better' mobility in the wheelchair very quickly.

If your dog still (partially) uses both hind legs, it can sometimes be more difficult to learn this. Then we will vary in height so that your dog can still actively use its hind legs. In this way, the muscles at the back also remain active due to the movement. And there will be less muscle atrophy.


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