Frequently asked questions rear wheel cart

Frequently asked questions rear wheel cart

You can also rent a rear wheel cart at Pro4paws. Do you need a dog cart for temporary use or do you doubt that your dog will benefit sufficiently from the use of a wheelchair. Then you can contact us.

Costs for a rental wheelchair?

The rent is 89€ (excluding VAT) per month. This amount is requested monthly to be paid via an invoice. This amount will be deposited into the account number of Pro4Paws stating: “structured communication” (can be found on the invoice).

Furthermore, a deposit of 150 € is requested, this deposit will be refunded as soon as the dog wheelchair is returned in good condition in Geel.

When the wheelchair is returned in good condition for the new rental invoice, the rental agreement is automatically terminated.

How is the rent done?

A rental contract is always drawn up that is terminated as soon as you return the wheelchair. Payment is made monthly by bank transfer.

If you later want to order your own dog wheelchair, this is simple(er) because we already have the sizes of your dog. You will then continue to use the rented wheelchair until the new wheelchair has arrived at Pro4paws.

Is there a rental wheelchair in stock?

We have various rental wheelchairs in stock, if you want to be sure that we have one for your dog, send a photo of your dog with a meter next to it.

How is the measurement done?

For a rental wheelchair you can send yourself a photo:

Why can't you rent a front wheel dog wheelchair?

A front wheel dog wheelchair is only custom made because it is very important that the balance point is determined well. 

After all, the balance point ensures that your dog can sniff on the ground but does not roll over. Unfortunately, because this balance point is different for every dog, we cannot rent out front wheel dog wheelchairs.

How to maintain my dog's dog wheelchair?

With lots of water.

Your dog can go anywhere with the wheelchair, by... in short, enjoy the real dog life. All you have to do is after a walk through mud, in the woods, on the beach... hose down the wheelchair with plenty of water. So just like with your off-road bike, the garden hose to rinse off all the dirt well.

Never use lubricants because they cause dirt, sand to stick and then the sand (especially sand from the beach) will cause faster wear.


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