Front wheel cart

Front wheel cart

A dog cart for front leg problems can also be made by us.

Why a front wheel cart?

Front leg problems such as osteoarthritis of the elbows, sagging in the wrist joints can be taken care of by a front wheel wheelchair. The front wheels take the weight off the front legs. As a result, damaged joints have to bear less (or no) weight but still keep moving.

Most of the weight is carried by the front legs, 60% in the front versus 40% in the rear. As a result, when joints of the front leg are damaged, too much weight is sometimes added and there is too much pain during walking and standing.

A wheelchair with front wheels can also help with an amputation of one (or two) of the front legs .

Learning to walk with a front wheel cart

Using the front wheel cart does take some time. Your dog will have to learn to 'steer' from his hind legs. That is why it is very important to let your dog get used to: putting on, weight distribution, walking straight ahead at a normal pace. Your dog will also have to get used to the extra space they need, the wheels of the front wheelchair are a few cm outside their own body. If your dog is good at this and fully accepts the cart, you can start to introduce turning.

Here you see Quinn with her front wheel cart, Quinn has an amputation of her right front leg due to an accident.


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