Walking harness

Walking harness

This is the standard harness (roman harness/roman harness) from Pro4Paws. You can take regular walks here and use it as a harness. But we also use this harness to attach, for example, the hip brace, knee brace.... An extra D-ring ensures that you can easily attach the different braces.

Important with this harness is that there is a (strap) attachment over the neck/neck and a (strap) attachment just behind the legs.

Because the strap has clips on both sides just behind the legs, you can easily put on the harness, even with a dog that has difficulty standing on one front leg. This is especially very pleasant for dogs that have osteoarthritis on the wrist and/or elbow joint or dogs that only have one front leg left.

Measurement with a tape measure:

  1. Neck circumference
  2. Chest circumference (about 3cm behind front legs)


General conditions

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