Toetsie & Luna

Toetsie & Luna

My own dogs are on my team. They test new things for me, they are always the first to try something! They are also the first to provide 'commentary'.

We adopted Toetsie after our previous dog passed away. I couldn't handle the emptiness of the house and we went to the shelter to see if there would be a match. I have to say I didn't choose Toetsie, but Toetsie explicitly chose me. And Toetsie still chooses me very enthusiastically every morning.

Almost a year later Luna came, a little more unexpected and a very different character from Toetsie. The years of various people and shelters had clearly not done her any good. She really had to come home. She was very impressed by everything, very timid, withdrawn… and she needed time to develop. But after a year of ups and downs, we can now say that she also feels good in the team. And Toetsie probably helped her with this too.

When testing the tools, you can clearly see the two characters: Toetsie doesn't really like it but is okay with it, and a candy does help to convince her. Luna finds everything exciting, she does it for me but always with a bit of suspicion.

Toetsie tests the dog vest:

She doesn't like it very much, but she does want to cooperate for a piece of candy.

Luna tests the SOFT knee brace:

She finds it all very exciting, and it makes walking difficult.

And they also have an Instagram account since 2022 (thanks to my daughters):


Pull up (toe)
SOFT brace
Dog shoes
Orthopedic pillow

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