Rear wheel cart

Rear wheel cart


A wheelcart for a dog can be used for various reasons.

For example, a dog may have paralysis that prevents the dog from actively using the hind legs.

But problems with osteoarthritis, knee disorders, hip disorders can also be solved with a wheelchair as well.

Some of 'our' dogs in their wheelchairs:


Learning how to use a rear wheel wheelchair is not that difficult, depending on the clinical picture.

Especially dogs that have paralysis of both hind legs can get used to their better mobility in the wheelchair very quickly.

If your dog still (partially) uses both hind legs, it can sometimes be more difficult to teach them to use the weelchair. In this case we will vary in height so that your dog can still actively use its hind legs. This way, the muscles at the back also remain active due to the movement. Because your dog remains more active, less muscle atrophy occurs.

Eddies wheels REAR-WHEEL CART


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