Rent rear wheel cart

Rent rear wheel cart

You can also rent a wheelchair at Pro4paws. Do you need a dog wheelchair for temporary use or do you doubt that your dog will benefit sufficiently from the use of a wheelchair? Then you can contact us.


We have several dog wheelchairs in stock that we can fully adapt to your dog and that you can rent temporarily (minimum 1 month). This way you can try out whether a wheelchair is something for you and your dog.

The dog wheelchair is best picked up at Pro4paws, in Geel, where we set the correct sizes for your dog.

How to rent?

A rental contract is always drawn up that is terminated as soon as you return the wheelchair. Payment is made monthly by bank transfer.

If you later want to order your own dog wheelchair, this is simple(r) because we already have the sizes of your dog. You will then continue to use the rented wheelchair until the new wheelchair has arrived at Pro4paws.

Is there a wheelchair in stock for my dog?

If you want to know if we still have a dog wheelchair in stock for your dog to rent, send us a photo.

Put your dog as 'square' as possible, against a wall / door

  • with a meter on the hind legs or with a meter on the front legs

Some more examples of good photos:

If you want to rent a dog wheelchair, we will already set up the dog wheelchair based on your photos. Further adjustment is done free of charge in Geel .

This is how you put on the dog rental wheelchair:


General conditions

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