What about hip problems in your dog?

What about hip problems in your dog?

Unfortunately, there are many hip problems in dogs. Both in older dogs, but I also see many young dogs with minor or serious hip problems.

Hip dysplasia or deformity of the hip causes pain and instability in the young and (later) also in the older dog. There are different degrees of hip dysplasia from mildly deformed to completely deformed hips.

Here you see a photo of a severely affected hip with a femoral head that has left the acetabulum and osteoarthritis in the entire hip joint

At a later age, affected hips also start to suffer more due to the formation of osteoarthritis.

It is always looking for the right solution for every dog. It is important to weigh up all the options and see what the best option is for your dog in terms of breed, age, activity level,...

At Pro4Paws we can support your dog's hip joints with a custom hip brace . This hip brace is custom made. Due to the construction of the brace and the hinge, the femoral heads will remain better in the hip sockets. This creates extra stability for your dog's hip joints.

Here's an X-ray of a dog wearing a hip brace. The hinges are just where the hip joint is, so that the upper tube and the back plate stabilize the hip.

Here you see Mira with her hip brace. Mira has a very large instability of both her hips due to hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. A hip brace was chosen.

The hip brace has a custom-made back plate and two custom-made thigh tubes that are connected with a hinge.

In this video you can see how Mira's hips are better stabilized with the hip brace. This gives her a better walking pattern with her hind legs and she can take longer walks (back). Due to extra activity, her muscles will improve and she can better stabilize her hips even without a brace;


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