Which dog brace is most suitable for your dog?

Which dog brace is most suitable for your dog?

SOFT dog brace

Soft bracing for dogs is used to give a joint extra support. The movement of the joint is supported with the use of this brace. As a result, there are less forces on the joint and this gives a partial rest for the affected joint. Because of this extra support, your dog will also know better where and how to put its front or hind leg, proprioception is stimulated.

These SOFT braces can be used temporarily until there is sufficient healing and the affected joint can be fully loaded again.

In the older dog, this support can offer extra help, such as with osteoarthritis. The brace gives your dog more comfort when walking, walking...

There are various joints that we can support with such a soft orthosis or SOFT brace. In the front legs, these are the wrist, elbow and wrist joint. In the hind legs, these are the hip, knee and ankle joints.

A SOFT brace can also be used for the back.

Extra support with a SOFT dog brace

Sometimes extra ribs are used in the SOFT brace to give the affected joint a little more stability.

Or a custom SOFT brace is chosen that provides even better support due to the optimal fit.

Custom dog brace

A custom brace is used to give certain joints of your dog rest, to optimally support joints and / or to limit joints in movement.

These braces are always made of hard materials with a padding on the inside. Where necessary, a hinge is used to allow the joint to move.

A custom brace can be provided for the different joints for your dog.

Custom dog brace with hinges

A knee brace is almost always provided with a hinge. The knee brace hinge is there to support the knee after trauma (such as anterior cruciate ligament injury) of the more active dog.

A hip brace is also always provided with a hinge at the the hip joint.

Hinges can allow full movement of the joint or can be adjusted in such a way that (painful) movements are not allowed.

Custom dog brace without hinges

A heel brace for dogs is usually made without hinges. The joint is kept in an optimal position and your dog can no longer overload the heel.

This happens, for example, after an Achilles tendon rupture.

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