Why a SOFT brace for your dog?

Why a SOFT brace for your dog?

Why are you going to use a SOFT brace on your dog? The material from which the SOFT brace is made provides extra support and extra comfort. A SOFT brace for dogs is made of elastic material. Sometimes with an extra (hard) support to support a joint even more.

For which joints do we have SOFT braces for dogs?

  1. Shoulder and elbow region

  2. wrist joint

  3. hip joint

  4. knee joint

  5. Heel joint or ankle joint

A SOFT brace will ensure that one or more joints receive extra support during walking. This support is given for elastic material. Usually the material is a combination of a soft inner fabric and a neoprene on the outside.

It is therefore important that you always tighten a SOFT brace around the joint. The support comes from the elastic material. If you do not stretch the material enough, your dog will not experience any support. And if the SOFT brace does not support, it will cause more inconvenience to your dog than extra comfort.

By putting on a brace, there will be more comfort. By increasing the comfort, your dog will feel better about himself.

Some diseases for which a SOFT brace can be used

  1. Shoulder and elbow region: osteoarthritis of the elbow joint, paralysis at the level of the shoulder joint
  2. Wrist joint: sagging wrist joint, laxity of the ligaments

  3. Hip joint: slight instability due to osteoarthritis or nerve failure

  4. Knee joint: extra support with a partial ACL rupture

  5. Heel joint: overstretching of the heel joint

I hear you ask: will this always provide sufficient support? No, unfortunately not. Sometimes an active hard brace is needed. This brace is usually made of two tubes with a hinge between them. This will give the joint even more support and guidance during movement.

Are you unsure whether your dog needs a SOFT brace? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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