The ideal dog shoe

The ideal dog shoe

You will find many different shoes for dogs, but how do you select the right one for your dog? What do you have to take into account? Does left and right exist? And how do you choose the right size?

First and foremost, it is important that you determine why your dog needs shoes.

  1. Preventing Wounds
  2. Prevent sliding out
  3. Preventing Sleep Injuries

1. Preventing Wounds

Does your dog often have wounds on the sole of his foot after walking? Or do the wounds come from walking on rough (sharp stones) ground? Then it is best to choose a shoe that has a thicker sole.

These shoes provide protection for the soles of the feet. These are the shoes that are used outside.

How do you choose the right size?

Most standard shoes come in different sizes. But how do you determine the right size? The width of the leg will be decisive here. It is important that you measure the width when your dog has its paw on the ground and is loaded because the paw will widen during the support phase. So measuring the width when your dog is lying down will yield a smaller size than a measurement with a loaded leg.

Is there a difference between left and right?

There is a difference between a left and a right dog shoe. Also in dogs, just like in humans, there is a difference between their left and their right leg. So it is important that you also have a left and a right shoe. The shoes that are the same for left and right do not fit well enough, so they often twist around the dog's paw when walking.

2. Prevent slipping

Does your dog slide out on a (too) slippery floor? In principle, you can also use the outdoor shoes for this. Then there is less contact with the surface and therefore less feeling with the surface. And this is exactly what the dogs that slide out regularly need. So it is better to select a thin anti-slip sock for this. This sock will ensure that your dog keeps contact with the surface and does not slide out.

Many of these socks have an anti-slip part on one side only, so that when twisted, there is no longer any anti-slip on the floor, which will only aggravate the sliding out.

The best solution is to choose rubber slippers/bones that are made entirely of natural rubber, which ensures that your dog can no longer slide out.

How do you choose the right size?

Here the length measurement is of great importance. Here too you make sure that the leg is on the ground and clearly supports it. Then you measure the length.

Are you only going to wear these anti-slip socks/bones at the front or also at the back?

Usually you will first see the extension of the legs at the front. There is more weight in the front than in the back. But sometimes if you give more stability at the front because of the rubber socks, you see the hind legs get problems. So that is why it is sometimes necessary to put on the anti-slip socks / bone on the four legs.

3. Preventing Sleep Injuries

If your dog doesn't lift his paws enough at the back, the nails can begin to wear off and wounds will develop over time. To prevent this, you can first use the normal outdoor shoes to prevent these wounds. Is your dog dragging hard, causing the shoes to break too quickly? Then you can always have a TEEN-op aid placed on the shoe. As a result, the toes are better held up during steps. This way you can prevent the shoe from wearing off too quickly.

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