Aids for dogs with back problems

Aids for dogs with back problems

There are many back problems in dogs. From a hernia (hernia nuclei pulpo) to IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) can cause many problems in the mobility of dogs. From a, almost unnoticeable, mild nerve failure to very severe nerve failure in which the hind legs (completely) lose their functionality.

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Back Problems in Dogs?

  • Stiffness

Stiffness can occur throughout the spine, from the neck to the tail. Parts of the spine may lose their functionality. But this stiffness can also occur in (usually) the hind legs.

  • Decreased muscle activity

This can manifest itself in more difficult walking, more difficult going up stairs, sometimes falling over while playing. Dogs that suddenly stand on their hind legs less. Dogs that suddenly don't want to walk anymore.

  • Wrong 'setting' of the soles of the feet

The sole of the foot is no longer placed flat on the ground, but sometimes the top comes on the ground first. You usually see that nails wear out faster and also wear 'too far' until they bleed.

  • Dragging (both) hind legs

Legs do not swing well forward, legs lag behind in movement. Drag wounds occur on the top of the soles of the feet, on the nails.

  • Paralysis

There can suddenly be a complete or partial paralysis in your dog, usually you see this in the hind legs. Your dog starts to fall during play times, during walks.

What tools can help your dog with these problems?

First of all, with mild symptoms, you can stabilize the back with the help of a back brace. Because of the extra support at the back, you will give a lot of relief, especially for dogs with a 'longer' back such as Corgi, Dachshund, Baset....

If your dog starts dragging its hind legs, you can protect it with shoes and provide extra support in the movement with a TEEN-up aid. So that the soles of the feet are placed back on the ground without the toenails dragging on the ground.

Is your dog starting to climb stairs more difficult, can he no longer get in and out of the car? Then you can support him extra with a STA-op help. By guiding him extra during these moments, you ensure that he remains active.

If your dog starts to show instability and is no longer able to walk properly without falling over, you can rent a wheelchair or have a wheelchair made to measure.

I am always happy to help you choose the right aid for your dog. So that your dog is optimally supported during daily activities. Do you want help? Then make an appointment via then we can see together what the best option is for your dog.



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